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Cycling vest

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  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Includes four LED light signals: right, left, forward, stop
  • It consists of an inner net pocket 
  • Multi-purpose luminous warning

Create Memorable Shopping Experience With Our Amazing Cycling Vest 

Battle the harsh bad temperatures armed with our cycling vest. The riding warning lights help you to remain safe and prevent accidents. 

Ventilation System and Breathable 

  • The big vent holes in the back of cycling jackets provide superior ventilation. The high-quality fabrics are all here to enhance ventilation. It is also convenient for perspiration and keeps you dry and comfortable during any outdoor sports.

Windproof and Lightweight  

  • It is composed of high-quality fabrics. These fabrics are ultra-light and soft, protect you from UV, wind protection, and prevent water splash, mist, and drizzle.

360-degree illumination  

  • Our cycling vest keeps you safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you. The unique cycling vest guarantees a larger visibility area, illuminating both sides of the body. It makes you visible from over a quarter-mile in any direction.
  • Highly Adjustable  

    • You can easily expand it to fit over your cold-weather coat or jacket. You can easily adjust it down to fit more snug in a t-shirt or singlets during hot summer nights. It doesn't matter whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, our cycling vest is good to go.

Get Our Cycling Vest For Your Next Cycling Adventure

Feel safe knowing that our cycling vest keeps you safe in the daytime while you run or walk. Put your essentials in the inner net pocket.

  • Compact.
  • Lightweight .
  • Four LED signal.

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